Melissa L. White Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Author
Melissa L. White Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Author


What would you do if you found irrefutable proof that you've lived before?.....

That’s exactly what happens to my protagonist in my novel, AGAIN, which is a hybrid of upmarket Women’s Fiction and Historical Fiction. It would sit nicely on the shelf beside THE HOURS by Michael Cunningham or THE MARRIAGE PORTRAIT by Maggie O'Farrell. The novel is complete at 293 pages; 79,600 Words. Like the “Pulitzer Winning” novel, THE HOURS, which is bookended by the story of author Virginia Woolf as she struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts while writing MRS. DALLOWAY—my novel, AGAIN, is bookended by the story of author Jean Rhys as she struggles with her own (and her husband’s) declining health while racing to finish her masterpiece, WIDE SARGASSO SEA, before her husband dies. Both novels are supremely cinematic and AGAIN introduces many subplots for exploration as content for a TV Series with multiple seasons. Incidentally, the film adaptation of THE HOURS was nominated for 9 Academy Awards, and my novel contains the same type of intense, dramatic storytelling which I’ve also utilized in my adaptation into a TV Pilot for AGAIN.


In a nutshell, my novel contains three parallel tales about reincarnation and life-altering love, intertwining the stories of author Jean Rhys in 1966 England, UCLA screenwriting professor Mayra Jean Lewis in present-day Los Angeles, and Dutchess Bianca Maria Visconti in 15th Century Milan. Although Duchess Visconti, and Rhys are historical figures, it is the third woman character who sweeps the three segments together. As a fictional character, Dr. Mayra Jean Lewis researches the lives of Bianca Maria Visconti and Jean Rhys and learns how the past histories of these two formidable women are connected to her own life in current day Los Angeles.


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