Melissa L. White Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Author
Melissa L. White Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Author

Catch the Light

Written by Melissa L. White and Siddharth Chauhan, "Catch the Light" premiered in Mumbai, India on June 15, 2019. Directed by Siddharth Chauhan, "Catch the Light" was originally written in 2015 by Melissa L. White, and set in Venice Beach, CA. But Siddharth optioned the script in 2019, and they adapted the script to fit Siddharth's Indian location and culture. Melissa wrote the title song, "Catch the Light," used in the film, and hired composer Michael O'Neill to write the music and record the song with his dauther, Sadie O'Neill. The original version used the Venice Beach location to include the plotline of the main character, Casey, moving to a new city with her father, Sam, after her mother dies. When Casey comes out to her father, he gets angry and forbids her to see her girlfriend again. But when Casey's grandmother cautions her son, Sam, that he may lose his daughter unless he learns to accept her the way she is, things get intense. Casey and Sam then rebuild their relationship when Sam helps his daughter overcome her fear of the water, and he teaches Casey how to swim at the beach.


In the Indian version a young partially blind woman, KANIKA (18), has trouble adjusting to life after her mother passes away. When Kanika comes out to her father, he gets angry and forbids her to see her girlfriend, SAMEERA. Kanika's grandmother intervenes, and cautions her son that he has already lost his wife, and he may lose his daughter too if her refuses to accept her the way she is. So Kankia's father apologizes and makes amends with Sameera and Kanika as together they climb the mountain trail, along with Kanika's grandmother, as a family. Thus Kanika's father helps her overcome her fear of heights and climb the mountain. Sameera then leads Kanika through the forest to help her find her "special" tree, the one she believes embodies the soul of her dearly departed mother.


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