Melissa L. White Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Author
Melissa L. White Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Author

Hard Laughter

Premiering in New York on July 18, 2019, "Hard Laughter" is a feature length Dark Comedy Written by Gerard Garilli and Melissa L. White, and Produced by Carol Garilli, Sal Garilli, Gerard Garilli and Melissa L. White.


Logline: “Those who laugh the loudest, also cry the hardest.”


SynopsisStandup comic, Justin Volardo's (28)  star is on the rise. He performs at comedy clubs in New York and he even does several TV appearances. But he alienates his father, his brother, and his long-time girlfriend with his jokes, always hurting the people who love him. Justin then succumbs to the thrill of success; using drugs, alcohol, and women, so that he crashes and burns at the height of his success.



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